The Opportunity and the Need:

The pet care industry is booming! Over $70B is spent annually on products and services (including food). Significant Wall Street investment and acquisitions in companies like Rover and Chewy with multi-billion dollar valuations are happening every day. All those companies contribute to animal welfare and still, it’s hard to imagine that 6.5 million dogs and cats enter US shelters every year; of these, over 1.5 million are euthanized never getting a chance at finding their forever home. We have made great progress but 31% is not acceptable...with new creative ideas, we can transform great dogs like Dove to a happy buddy.
Rescues/Shelters are a primary source of new companion animal acquisitions and yet the industry is highly fragmented. There are over 13,000+ rescues alone in the US today caring for almost estimated 1-2 million animals a year. They are dominated by small, foster-based organizations with fewer than 20 animals in care. Most manage all of their information by paper; technology solutions that are available are too complex and expensive, and very few have dedicated resources capable of supporting the administrative aspects of rescue management.

With better funding, administrative resources, and technology there is no doubt that more animals could be saved.

  • Companion Animals are euthanized every day with spare rescue / foster space less than 50 miles away
  • Estimated that 5 to 10 percent of animals are returned every year, with many owners lacking adequate knowledge and education to support their animals health and care requirements
  • Millions of people would love to foster animals or volunteer at rescue as a first step into responsible animal ownership and social charity but are unsure how to get involved.

But how can that be?? The pet care industry is booming and over $70B is spent annually on products and services?? Every major corporation in the industry has programs that benefit animal welfare organizations. Although we have made great strides in the animal welfare community, many rescues still struggle to support the number of animals that need care. There is a strong need for a solution that allows rescues to become even more self-sufficient by benefiting directly from a share of post-adoption products and services.

Still, far too many animals are dying in the United States.

A Solution:

More companion animals can be rescued with a simple technology solution that links adoption centers like Pet Finder with Rescues, Fosters, Pet Parents, and Service/Product Providers. In 2015, we started My Buddy’s Place, a new software company with a very simple business model, but a very big idea:

  • We donate easy to use, cloud-based software to rescues. Companion Animals are on-boarded using a Pet Finder API, and then through a simple point and click interface, Rescue’s manage and maintain their animal’s information by adding photos, shot records, health and behavior information.
  • When an animal is adopted the information is automatically transferred to the new Pet Parent via an easy to use app (paperless adoption). From there Pet Parents can manage their animals information, get access to care guides, find products and services in their area, order food, learn games, share photos and more.
  • We encourage active and responsible care by awarding points and prizes for vet visits, walking, playing, and other fun activities that make animals (and people’s) lives more healthy happy, and engaging.
  • Participating rescues are our business partners. By investing in My Buddies Place (Investment = Using Our Free Software and Transferring Animals!), they would share in the profits of all app, product, and service sales to support the administrative, marketing and managerial aspects of saving companion animals.
  • Rescue Loving Service and Product Providers have access to the best customers of all – New Pet Parents - just starting a life long journey of care!

My Buddy’s Place is a complete ecosystem for Rescue Companion Animals which starts with the care of the animal as it is rescued, helps aid with the adoption, continues the care upon adoption and allows the new pet parents access to the best services and products. Our goal is to redefine the business of rescue and in the process save more animals.

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CEO My Buddy’s Place

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